nye bevan photoOur priorities are:

  • To continue campaigning for the restoration of the NHS as a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable service. This means the abandonment in England of the market based policies of the last 20 years, primarily by abolishing their key feature, the artificial separation into “purchaser” and “provider” as has already been achieved in the rest of the UK;
  • To continue to build up the strength of the Association by bringing its policies and activities to the attention of our colleagues.

We believe the NHS is the only health care organisation able to:

  • Provide comprehensive clinical cover and health protection for the whole population
  • Remove fear that illness will result in treatment that cannot be afforded
  • Provide established and innovative solutions for all types of health problem
  • Plan services that can spread facilities and skills appropriately across geographical areas
  • Respond to clinical need rather than commercial interest
  • Promote clinical effectiveness and equity with no second class provision
  • Function as a comprehensive training organization unrestricted by profit motivation
  • Pursue preventative strategies such as immunisation, public information and screening

Our objectives are to:

  • Restore the NHS as a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable service
  • Secure fair access to health services based on needs not wants.
  • Promote professional and public http://www.buyambienmed.com involvement in evidence based planning of health care services.
  • Highlight current problems and controversies faced by the NHS and suggest solutions to them.
  • Help consultants to engage with policy making and management

The way in which we will achieve these goals is to:

  • Meet with key politicians, decision makers and opinion formers, offering the views of senior professionals, whose priority is the interests of the public and who represent those working with patients in all specialties and areas.
  • Present key information and arguments to the public using local and national media and parliamentary questions
  • Commission or sponsor reports into principal areas of NHS policy
  • Stimulate members to contribute their views and experiences
  • Hold an annual conference open to all members and regular committee meetings
  • Seek representation on the Executive Committee from each specialty and geographical area
  • Keep colleagues informed with a regular Newsletter to assist debate and report activity

The NHS is the world’s greatest ever example of a population agreeing to provide care for the sick.
It exemplifies the ethos of civilised society, setting an example worldwide.
Were it to become further eroded, it would be virtually impossible to recreate

Photo by [Duncan]