National Health Action Party

The National Health Action Party was launched in 2012 in opposition to the Coalition Government’s damaging NHS reforms. The founders  believed that a new political party was needed to defend the NHS and its values. The NHS is more than just a structure for the delivery of healthcare. It is also a social institution that reflects national solidarity, expresses the values of equity and universalism, and institutionalises the duty of government to care for all in society. The NHS marks out a space in society where the dictates of commerce and the market should be held in check. NHAP are fighting now to ensure that it is patients not profits that are the driving force behind our NHS. 

NHAP’s Principles

  • The NHS should be a safe, comprehensive, publicly funded, publicly delivered, and publicly accountable integrated healthcare system, committed to continuous improvement for all of its patients and participants. This has been shown to be, not just the fairest way to deliver healthcare, but also the most cost-efficient.
  • Misguided, and in some cases corrupt, attempts to create a market within the NHS, and to siphon off public resources for private profit, has hugely increased costs and bureaucracy within the NHS.
  • The NHS is a public commitment to a fair society, not a personal insurance policy to be haggled over or “topped up” by out-of-pocket excess charges.

“no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means” – Nye Bevan

NHAP’s Wider Vision

A Fair Society:

NHAP are committed to reject the soaring inequality created by 30 years of privatisation and corporation-led economic policies; to cracking down on tax avoidance and evasion by multinational corporations and the wealthiest in our society; and to putting the British government back at the service of the British people on issues such as housing, employment and an efficient and compassionate welfare state.

A Democratic Society:

To defend and extend representation of the people at Local, National and European level to ensure that decisions are made in their interests, not in the interests of party politics, private profit or foreign investors.