NHS Threats


More cash for the NHS is not enough

Both Labour and the Conservative pledges on the NHS announced recently amount to continued hardship and austerity in the face of record demands for services and increasing reliance on for-profit services, often in such a way that the public cannot readily discern the role private healthcare providers play – or the cash they take out….

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DFNHS Joins Call for Elected Scrutiny Panels

DFNHS has joined with 15 other organisations in presenting evidence to Parliament’s Health and Social Care Committee (HSCC) Inquiry into NHS leadership, performance and patient safety, in a bid to improve the way disciplinary procedures are carried out in hospitals. The Inquiry accepted the evidence to consider.  (more…)

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One Exceptional Individual Outshines The Rest

Seeing the danger is the first step

People can see it’s bad. They know the NHS is in trouble. If asked, most will agree that a slight hike in income tax  – hypothecated to the NHS –  is acceptable and necessary. They know staff are working too hard, for too long. They know it is becoming harder to get timely treatment. (more…)

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Physician Associates: Death Row for the Family Doctor?

It is clear that doctors in our NHS are increasingly unhappy and the workforce is crumbling fromdemoralisation and abandonment. This situation has been gestating for many years. Government and planners have hoped to substantially remedy this problem by depressurising doctors by delegating substantially more of their workload to other staff and agencies. This ‘substantially more’….

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75 years on

I never knew my grandmother. She died from cervical cancer, 13 years before I was born. She died in agony, because the family could not afford medicine or dressings to relieve her pain. (more…)

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The fight of your life

We have been saying the NHS is under serious threat for so long now it gives no pleasure to see it happening on such a scale that you can’t avoid it. The long-awaited Workforce Plan promises much but is long overdue –  we welcome that, but ask: look at the record.  (more…)

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