Addenbrookes targeted in new campaign

Doctors for the NHS has begin targeting all doctors in trusts in England facing cuts or changes to service , starting with Addenbrookes, Cambridge, in a bid to recruit more members and stop the NHS from being broken apart. 

Addenbrookes-1In the first of a series of bespoke leaflets aimed at precise locations, and backed up by social media activity, DFNHS called on hospital staff to fight the process of marketisation that was responsible for driving their trust into ‘special measures’ earlier this year.

The leaflets, which are double-sided A5, were sent to all doctors in the trust.

This represents an increase in DFNHS’s direct campaigning activity, and is in line with the group’s new aims.

DFNHS communications manager, Alan Taman:

“The NHS has never been under more of a threat, and we are determined to reach those caught in the front line of the appalling consequences of that and tell them: do not stand alone, do not turn away. Fight. Join us. 

“Doctors for the NHS has as one of its main strengths the power of peer networks, which in the group’s case often go back decades. We have decided to harness that in combination with more dynamic campaigning methods to reach more members of the profession when they are facing the most damaging and obvious attacks on the NHS.

“We will be rolling out more of these targeted campaigns in the coming months. The battles are to be won locally now, and Doctors for the NHS will be there.” 


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