Cancer Services Not For Profit

The highly controversial 700 million tender for Cancer Care in Staffordshire has been leaked and published on line on It’s a must, but alarming, read by  Caroline Molloy, the editor-in-chief of  OurNHS. She writes :

The leaked proposals include handing all responsibility for commissioning cancer services for 800,000 patients to a ‘prime provider’ – which can be a private company – who will then sub-contract services to companies of their choice, after an initial 2-year handover period.

The most worrying thing about the leaked plans is their lack of accountability or redress and their shocking vagueness for example,the unique arrangement of deciding elements of contract design after the contract has been awarded. The company writers the rules and decides what it will and won’t do.

There have been several ‘public awareness’ events held by the programme team but apparently Andrew Donald CO of Staffs and Surrounds and Cannock Chase CCGs feels formal public consultation is not required claiming that there’s not a significant enough change in providers to make it a legal requirement. Such a stance is questionable if the ‘prime provider’ is able to bring in sub contracts and disinvest others. The Transforming Cancer and End of Life Care Programme Team appear to have no idea what is going to happen to cancer and end of life care in Staffordshire.

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