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Striking for the NHS

Doctors and nurses cost money. Highly skilled people doing, every day, what very few people could –  saving lives. No one, surely, would argue with that?  Yet we are doomed, it seems, to be heading to the point where NHS staff are cast as the enemy. How could this be? (more…)

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Nurses Strike: The government MUST listen

Press statement: For All Our sakes, Listen! Doctors for the NHS, which has been campaigning to protect the founding values of the NHS for many years, is appealing to the government to listen to nurses and other healthcare professionals and hear what is painfully obvious: that the NHS is near to collapse and those who….

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Essay Winners Announced

We’re delighted to announce the winner and runner-up for this year’s Peter Fisher Essay Prize, ‘To what extent are commerce and compassion compatible in healthcare?’ (more…)

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For A Better Place: A Proposal

Doctor for the NHS, along with Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK)  is supporting a move lead by DFNHS members Arun Baski and Helen Fielding calling for the setting up of independent Scrutiny Panels in NHS trusts to safeguard against the often vilifying and unfair way disciplinary proceedings are used in hospitals.  (more…)

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Essay Competition 2022

We are delighted to announce our 2022 Essay Competition, the first year for the Peter Fisher Essay Competition Prize, in association with the Royal Society of Medicine and the Journal of the RSM. First prize: £500. PLUS a year’s FREE membership to the RSM! (more…)

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