DFNHS Newsletter: All Change

The DFNHS Newsletter is about to get an upgrade. New design, more features, four colour, and on new paper. The first issue with the new design and content will be out in September. 

The DFNHS newsletter, which has an impeccable pedigree, has always been a central part of membership. But with the change in name earlier this year came the realisation that DFNHS needed to reach new people if it was going to warrant its metamorphosis: notably GPs and trainee grades in hospitals.

So the new design will support four-colour throughout, on white paper, and use photos as well as the existing figures and tables. Columnists will add commentary and analysis, as well as give http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/amoxicillin/ prominent articles more context. There will be a news ’round-up’ page focusing on the prominent privatisation issues and offering brief analysis. Links will be used throughout and readers encouraged to engage on social media. Articles will address matters of concern for GPs and consultants alike.

All in all, a large leap. But with the faith behind it that DFNHS must engage others in the medical profession if it is to succeed in stemming the appalling tide of cuts, privatisation and further cuts to services that is the hallmark of this government’s destructive and thoroughly alien ideology when applied to this country’s greatest invention: our NHS.


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