For A Better Place: A Proposal

Doctor for the NHS, along with Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK)  is supporting a move lead by DFNHS members Arun Baski and Helen Fielding calling for the setting up of independent Scrutiny Panels in NHS trusts to safeguard against the often vilifying and unfair way disciplinary proceedings are used in hospitals. 

You can download the proposal here. There is now a concerted effort to reach MPs and persuade them to realise this important step in combating the appalling culture of bullying, isolation and vilification that is apparent in NHS Trusts in far too many cases, and is often reflected in unfair, vexatious and career-breaking disciplinary action that should simply not have happened.

Please consider contacting your MP about this. You can download a template for this here.

You can get details about your MP from the Parliament website.


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