Getting the Bigger Picture: Donate Now

A great new film telling the story of the NHS from its creation to its current state of turmoil is struggling to get an airing through the TV or cinema networks – please help by donating what you can. 

Under the Knife is directed by Susan Steinberg, who has won two previous Emmy awards. It combines rare archive footage from the earlier years of the NHS, explaining its founding principles, with new interviews with key players, including Frank Dobson, David Owen, Tony Blair, George Monbiot and Dr Phil Hammond. It also has contributions from several DFNHS members, including Prof Allyson Pollock, Tony O’Sullivan (KONP Chair) and Colin Hutchinson (DFNHS Chair).

So many people seem to believe that the current problems are all down to a lack of funding and can be solved by relaxing the supply of money. This film provides a broader and more troubling perspective. It delivers its message with clarity and wit and deserves to be widely viewed. In the absence of network interest, the producers of the film are engaged in a crowdfunding appeal, to enable it to be shown in independent cinemas and other venues across the country.

The hope is that there will be free viewings for NHS staff, to help them appreciate that the challenges they face are the result of decisions that have been actively taken over many years. Such knowledge might help equip them to rebuild a service that could, once again, be an example to the world.

Take a look at the trailer for the film, Under the Knife, at:
This deserves to be seen widely, please consider contributing to the crowdfunding appeal, at:

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