Misconduct in Public Office: KONP Report on the Pandemic

Keep our NHS Public have published a damning report on the government’s handling of the pandemic arising from their People’s Inquiry into Covid held earlier this year. 

You can download the summary here.

The full report can be downloaded here.

  • The government were given ample warning about the need to prepare for a pandemic and did nothing.
  • They neglected public health and the NHS for years, and turned to private companies to respond to the pandemic, resulting in a chaotic, inefficient response which cost lives.
  • The most vulnerable and those more likely to catch or die from Covid were systematically given the least support.
  • Government messaging was confused, underpinned by an overriding attitude that the public could not be trusted. Public trust in the government suffered as a direct result.
  • These, and other findings, lead to one conclusion: this government was guilty of misconduct.
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