Online meeting 5 May – What Now for the NHS?

Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together are running an online meeting on Tuesday 5 May (7-9 pm) examining why the NHS was so badly prepared for the pandemic – and what may lie ahead.

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The speakers are:

Richard Horton – Editor of The Lancet

Professor Allyson Pollock – Consultant in public health and director of Newcastle University Centre for Excellence in Regulatory Science

Dr John Lister – editor of Health Campaigns Together, co-editor,

Dr Sonia Adesara – Junior Doctor and member of KONP’s NHS Staff Voices

Pam Kleinot – Producer of Under The Knife

Join Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together, to hear from expert analysts, frontline NHS workers and the producer of Under The Knife (feature documentary on the covert dismantling of the NHS) to hear about how, aggravated by Government arrogance and failure in the early stage of the Coronavirus outbreak, the NHS has been defunded, understaffed and fragmented by privatisation to such an extent that its preparedness for the current emergency has been severely undermined and has needlessly cost lives.

Richard Horton, the editor of the Lancet medical journal damned the Government’s failure famously on BBCQT, articulating what campaigners have been saying for a long time, that the NHS is dangerously under-resourced as a result of Government policy and the last ten years of austerity. Allyson Pollock and John Lister are both highly regarded academics, authors, journalists and campaigners who have dedicated their careers to fighting for the NHS. Dr Sonia Adesera from Keep Our NHS Public is a frontline doctor during the current crisis and an advocate for a properly resourced, publicly owned and publicly run NHS.

Join them to hear what they have to say and the following Q&A session in which you’ll have the chance to ask the panel about what’s really going on.

Register here: and watch live on Facebook.

The Facebook event is here:

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