Peter Fisher writing in The Guardian

In the Response column (29th April) Dr Howard Stoate* sets the record straight showing that David Cameron was wrong, as well as patronizing, at PMQ. However Dr Stoate’s explanation goes much further in undermining the justification for the Health and Social Care Bill, which is claimed to be that of giving a bigger role for clinicians in deciding the services which should be provided.
What he and his colleagues in Bexley have been doing over the past few years is being replicated in many other parts of the country, showing that we do not need this costly and disruptive upheaval to achieve it.
The real reason for the Bill is to allow unfettered access for the private sector, turning what is now an integrated service into one where competition on a commercial basis is the driving force.
There is no evidence that this is what the people of this country want so the Bill must be opposed, not cosmetically adjusted, by all who value the concept of a National Health Service.

*Howard Stoate’s comments:

“Although we in Bexley are leading the way in many respects, GPs in the borough do not work in isolation, taking on responsibility for every facet of patient care and commissioning. In fact, they are becoming more effective at being the patient’s representative – working with a range of other professionals to ensure services are the best they can be. GPs are increasingly becoming involved in discussing budgets, local healthcare needs, service planning and delivery – resulting in dramatic improvements in services as antiquated ways of working are modernised.”

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