Private is not necessarily bad – but it should be unnecessary

Doctors for the NHS have added their voice to the debate over whether private practice is unethical following a BMJ editorial, in a leading national tabloid – the Daily Mirror

DFNHS Chair Dr Eric Watts is quoted in the Mirror, one of the UK’s most popular daily tabloids:

“The NHS should aim to make private practice redundant for UK citizens. Until it has done so, there should be clear definition of the separate contributions of senior doctors to NHS and private work and clear identification of possible conflicts of interest.

“A consultant involved in both should afford equal priority to private and NHS patients. A career devoted exclusively to the NHS should be promoted and recognised as a viable and attractive alternative to private practice.”

Eric’s remarks are cited below those of Dr John Dean, whose BMJ editorial sparked the interest – and above those of the BMA.  This DFNHS website is linked in the Mirror article.

If DFNHS is to bring about the changes to save the NHS we clearly know are needed, telling the public about them as widely as possible has to be a key aim. The Daily Mirror is a pretty good start.


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