Strangulation of South London Services

St George’s Hospital Tooting will ‘axe 500 jobs’

Unison claims that there are plans to cut 500 jobs in an attempt to save

£55m in the next financial year. One wonders why such large cuts are needed when, unlike Barts/London, their massive PFI which was opened in 2003 only cost £48m. Barts/London are only planning to save £30m next year but somehow have to finance a crippling £1200m PFI payback.

Unison said the posts affected at St George’s Hospital in Tooting would include those of nurses and consultants and would lead to the closure of three wards.

A St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust spokesman said no decisions had been made about jobs cuts or ward closures. They admitted that they had a 20% turnover of staff every year. Their total budget last year was

£418m. “Our main focus is to reduce our temporary staffing bill, which is currently £30m per year, and we are also reviewing non-clinical services. With this in mind we have already put in place a recruitment freeze and are stopping the use of agency staff.”

Nearly 500 jobs to go at Kingston Hospital over five years

Kingston Hospital is planning to axe 486 posts over the next five years.

The draft plans would see 22 fewer consultants, 214 fewer nurses, midwives and health visitors, 55 fewer „scientific and therapeutic and technical staff? and 140 fewer „non-clinical? posts.

The hospital said the cuts were forced by an expected 25% reduction in its budget over five years but would be managed through natural wastage.

Campaign to protect the future of Epsom Hospital

 The Epsom Guardian has launched a campaign to protect the future of acute services at Epsom General Hospital.

The hospital?s future took an uncertain turn in December after it was announced by Epsom and St Helier Trusts that they would separate – after almost 11 years as a combined entity – because they could not attain foundation hospital (FT) status together.

“Epsom Hospital will either become a FT on its own, merge with another FT or team up with a non-FT hospital”.

In 2007, plans to build a £350m hospital to replace the existing buildings at Epsom and St Helier were scrapped, (despite millions being spent on architects, construction, legal and other consultants fees), on the pretext that these hospitals would attain FT status instead.

What’s new. The NHS is littered with broken promises.

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