The Meaning of QHATSCH

There has been some limited debate amongst committee members about the use of rude words on our website. It occurred to me that we could dispense with the voluminous list of Anglo Saxon obscenities and import a very emphatic word from the German vocabulary.

Quatsch is an expletive with onomatopoeic explosiveness. For those not versed in the language, the phonetic equivalent might be written kvatch – like catch but with kv instead of c. This expression embodies all the English/American equivalents such as rubbish; bullshit; hogwash; codswallop; gobshite. The list seems to be endless. These words have arbitrary levels of intensity depending on who is using them, whereas the intensity of quatsch is measured in decibels. The humbling effect on the recipient of quatsch is directly related to that decibel score.

I was wondering if we should rate the list of articles which have previously been collected in either the “bullshit” or “propaganda” files with a quatsch decibel score. 100 would be a maximum score.

There is another word – gobbledegook.

In view of the Landsley/Cameron factory’s ability to manufacture nonsense, I thought that in future we should refer to this as Goebbeldegook – after that infamous Nazi spin doctor.

While we are busy saving lives
They come to woo and to disguise
Enticing us with porky pies.
Take this they cry.
We take a bite
To find the pie
Is aconite.
O what a wicked web they weave
To trap the hapless and naïve,
To chat us up and then deceive.

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