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Mark Aitken – Essex County Standard

Anglian Community Enterprise’s (ACE) plans to help more people to lead healthier lives sounds exciting, but no matter how keenly you follow a healthy lifestyle none of us are going to live for ever. Sooner or later we will find ourselves in need of hospital treatment and for those living in and around Colchester we….

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Bob Woodd Walker – Essex County Standard

You report the ‘birth’ of Anglian Community Enterprise with a budget of £50million. “ACE will be driven by market forces.” “It will be run along the lines of a business.” Your photo is of the signing of a “business transfer agreement.” Naturally we want the NHS to be run efficiently, but the risk is that….

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Private v NHS Hospital Care

Recently Margaret Thatcher was admitted to the Cromwell Hospital in London suffering with a flu-like illness. Why did she choose such a prestigious private hospital instead of her local NHS District General Hospital? This is a question which raises other questions but it is unlikely that we will receive any truly honest answers. However, there….

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