The NHS Needs Protecting – And Not from Covid

So Why Should You Be Interested?

  • People love the NHS
  • The NHS worked as the pandemic struck – thanks to NHS staff
  • It is still under threat. It is NOT ‘protected’

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Here’s why:

You have to face difficult decisions. The hardest, in a way not seen for generations. A new disease, with no immunity and widespread heartache for many, a health service and society re-structured. We are not beyond this yet.

The National Health Service became the beacon many drew hope from, as the government placed it at the very centre of who we are. Incredible achievements were made by people for the NHS, matching the efforts made by NHS staff each day. The NHS worked.

And yet. As the rainbows slowly fade and the clapping slowly stops, as people’s lives slowly change to go beyond the early days, the NHS is not safe. It is not protected. It may shock and anger you to hear it never was.

We have been fighting to keep the NHS true to its founding principles for over 40 years, for a very good reason. There have always been those who would prefer to see it replaced. Broken up. Before the pandemic, NHS funding was seriously below what is needed just to keep the level of service on a par with most other European countries. The law made it compulsory for NHS services to be offered up to competitive contracts, in the false belief that making NHS services privately run would necessarily be better. Elective surgery was already being cancelled indefinitely before Covid – now there are millions left waiting, and it is getting worse. The list goes on.

None of this has changed. The NHS is still under threat.

We campaign to return the NHS to a publicly funded, publicly accountable, comprehensive service. We speak to anyone who is willing to listen.

By joining us, you will be helping to protect the NHS from its remaining threat: the political wish to see it replaced with a less fair, less comprehensive service.

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