Powerful Parody Shows the True Face of ‘Market Ideals’ for the NHS

A powerful piece of parody on NHS privatisation  – Fleece the Nation – has been produced by the NHS Federation, depicting the massive NHS sell-off as a slick advertising campaign. Getting the point across with perfect timing. 

The video, which  is just under 3 minutes long, can be viewed via YouTube. The slick presenter gives very little detail about what is happening to the NHS (these are displayed as rolling sub-titles throughout the video), focusing instead on the broad principles behind marketisation – before presenting several other http://buytramadolbest.com/soma.html ‘examples’ of how these were meant to work but have failed to deliver any noticeable improvements (while lining the pockets of market investors): such as the prison service and Royal Mail.

This is a refreshing and encouraging use of advertising techniques to display the destructive forces at work on the NHS. Bravo!  Like all effective advertising, it leaves the viewer wanting more, please. Who said the power of advertising was inevitably maleficent? This counts as health education and will hopefully be watched by millions.

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