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The Greatest Show on Earth? It should be

The power of entertainment will be used to tell the truth about what is happening to the NHS: it will also give a very good night out. Bring Back the NHS is a star-studded celebration about the NHS and will happen on Friday 24 April at Westminster Hall, London, 1900.  (more…)

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BMA (Silently) Backs NHS Bill Principles

The Council of the British Medical Association has agreed to support legislation which implements ‘strong and clear’ BMA policies on the NHS – which are reflected in the NHS (Reinstatement) Bill, laid before Parliament last week.  But the BMA remains silent on what should be a triumph of its own processes.  (more…)

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Cancer Services Not For Profit

The highly controversial 700 million tender for Cancer Care in Staffordshire has been leaked and published on line on It’s a must, but alarming, read by  Caroline Molloy, the editor-in-chief of  OurNHS. She writes : The leaked proposals include handing all responsibility for commissioning cancer services for 800,000 patients to a ‘prime provider’ – which….

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DFNHS March bulletin out now

Read all about it in the DFNHS  March newsletter  available here with paper copy sent to all members New name – new game – new future Welcome to GPs NHS privatisation Critique of the Commonwealth Fund data                                   March….

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